Test Stack No.17 – Testosterone Booster Supplement Review

When it comes to boosting your testosterone levels, to achieve your desired muscular physique, Test Stack No. 17 is here to help. 

This unique formula assist the body with it’s natural production of testosterone which in turn helps you smash your fitness goals. 

So, how does it do this? With a fairly simple blend of effective ingredients. Once can expect to experience the following: 

Soaring Levels of Natural Testosterone
More Free Testosterone Flowing in your Body
Strength Gains 
Lean Muscle Growth
Muscle Definition and Vascularity
 Rapid Body Fat % Decrease
Increased Sex Drive, Potency & Soaring Libido 

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Before diving into the full review, it’s worth mentioning that at the moment, there Test Stack No 17 are offering 3 full sized bottles to try for free, although there are limited quantities so get in quick. Click this link to tell them where to ship your free bottles. 

One of the biggest perks of Test Stack No.17 is that it’s completely natural, meaning you won’t have to inject anything into your body. All you need to do is take the supplement which works to boost your body’s natural production. 

While injecting testosterone can lead your body reducing it’s own natural reserves, Test Stack No 17 will never suppress the body’s own production of T. 

Test Stack No.17 Review

Surge of Testosterone Production
Inhibits Estrogen
Increased Strength
Burns Fat
Reduces Body Fat %
Increased Sex Drive
Fast & Effective
Increased Muscle Development
Improved penile engorgement and erectile strength
Review Summary

Test Stack No.17 includes ingredients and compounds that are clinically proven in studies. We discuss this further down in the review. 

How does Test Stack No.17 work?

Peak concentrations of testosterone are achieved upon reaching adolescence. After peaking, natural production starts to decrease from the 20’s and once the 30’s arrive, T production decreases at a much faster rate. 

However, age is not the only reason why there can be a decline in testosterone. Lifestyle, diet and environment can all impact your body’s natural levels. 

Check out the Test Stack No 17 video that explains how levels drop so quickly and how this supplement works. 

How does Test Stack No.17 help?

Given the body naturally produces T, Test Stack No 17 basically just kickstart it into producing more, naturally. All this and without any nasty side effects. 


💚 110% Money Back Guarantee – no questions asked. 

💚 Free USPS Priority shipping

💚 No sales tax

💚 No recurring billing.


💔 Some Test Stack No.17 reviewers have reported priapism, which is a persistent erection of the penis. If you experience an erection lasting for more than 4-hours, seek immediate medical attention.

💔 Some reviews have reported dramatically increased ejaculate volume as a side effect.

💔 Not suitable for women

Test Stack No.17 Reviews (Before & After Videos)

Yusef’s Review

“As the market is entirely flooded with information and products‚ Test Stack No.17 helped me achieve my goals well into my 40’s.”
“All men should give this try‚ especially middle–aged men.”
“Not bad for a 46–year–old.”

Federico’s Review

“I’ve seen massive results in my body.”
“Especially my biceps, my abs, my V, and I saw a decrease in my body fat percentage from 10% to 7%.”

“From my personal experience I highly recommend Test Stack Number 17. ”

Adrian’s Review

“I can see totally the results.”
“I can see the results in my chest.”
“I’ve gotten more bigger”
“I’m more defined”
“I totally can recommend it”


Art’s Review

“Everything just seemed to happen with this.”
“As an added bonus, my drive increased.”
“What I really, really like about this product is the all-natural ingredients.”
“There’s nothing harmful or toxic putting in your body.”
“You get increased motivation, workout, increased energy.”

“If you’re looking to get big or being an alpha male, please, try Test Stack Number 17.”


Emmanuel’s Review

“I’m more lean and increase in gains”
“My endurance is more”
“I can actually run faster”
“I lift heavier weights.”
“I am a lot stronger.”

“Gains on bicep‚ triceps‚ back… I feel much more leaner.”

Greg’s Review

“I don’t know what they’ve got in this, but it’s amazing.”
“In less than one month my abs have shown.”
“My endurance is non-stop.”
“When it comes to drive, guys that’s a side effect that your girlfriend’s going to love.”
“You’ll feel it almost instantly.”
“My workouts, my pumps, my strength, my endurance, just my energy for being in the gym or in training was amplified.”
“I can’t swear by this product enough.”

Test Stack No.17 Ingredients

supplement fact teststactrxA total of 12 powerful ingredients can be found in the supplement to help produce more testosterone. 

Powerful Ingredients + High Dosages = Fast Results!

The following are the benefits of each key ingredient:

 #1 Cnidium Monnieri

Cnidium is basically an erectile dysfunction drug that is a known testosterone accelerator. It works by increasing nitric oxide production (1).

 #2 Ligusticum

Ligusticum has been known for some time in Asia as not only a testosterone accelerator but also as an aphrodisiac and a tonic for the reproductive organs.

Science has recently shown that it does in fact increase blood flow to the extremities.

This is similar to what yohimbe does, but without the excess nervous system stimulation that yohimbe can cause. You get all the benefits without any of the downsides. Western science has proven what the Chinese herbologists have known for so long. According to several studies, Ligusticum suppresses production of “TNF alpha” — an enzyme that secretes “stress hormones” such as cortisol and adrenaline (2).

 #3 Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa 35% Piperazine

Xanthoparmelia is actually used in the prevention of certain cancers, and it also has the unusual ability to increase testosterone and nitric oxide. This means you can expect much stronger muscle pumps and sexual pleasure (3). 

 #4 Shilajit

Used in Ayurvedic medicine Shilajit is mostly used for its ability to aid in the absorption of micronutrients. 

 #5 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran

The concentrated active ingredient of Urtica Dioica. Utica Dioica, in its natural form, has been shown to increase “Free” testosterone.

Your testosterone that is “Free” is the only kind that is usable for muscle growth. (4) Any other type of T will not help your situation. 

It’s essential to get your free testosterone as high as possible, and Urtica Dioica does that. Divanillyltetrahydrofuran is the isolated active ingredient and is over ten times more potent than whole Urtica Dioica. (5)

 #6 Paeonia Lactiflora

Often used in traditional medicine as a treatment for impotence and lack of stamina.

Paeonia is now recommended by many doctors when liver enzymes are too high. (6)

 #7 Fadogia Agrestis

Fadogia is the only natural substance shown to increase LH, luteinizing hormone, in laboratory animals. However, test evidence from users shows that it works on the average gym rat as well! (7) LH is what allows the body to create more testosterone.

This is incredibly important to anyone using anabolics or those wanting to take thie testosterone levels way above normal. Age, anabolic steroid cycle recovery, and environmental toxins can cause your LH production to diminish.

 #8 Desmodium Gangeticum 10:1

Studies have shown that this Ayurvedic compound lowers tissue-destroying acids without toxicity or side effects. (8) In addition it can reduce inflammation help with recovery, support the nervous system and increase your libido. 

 #9 Avenacosides A&B

Avenacosides are a minute component of the plant and have the amazing ability to reduce sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). (9) SHBG keeps your testosterone from becoming biologically active. (10)

Therefore, when SHBG is lowered, “free” testosterone soars as does the ability to build muscle! 

 #10 Chlorophytum Borivilianum (Safed Musli)

Included to enhance immunity and enrich the hormonal system (boost test levels and lower estrogen). It has also been shown to increase ejaculate volume and the mobility of sperm cells.

Due to this it is sometimes used as an alternative to fertility drugs with much success. (11) Safed Musli is highly popular in India for curing many illnesses due to a suppressed immune system.

 #11 ProLensis ™  Bulbine Natalensis

A proven compound that’s shown to increase “overall” testosterone. (12) This was discovered with controlled studies on animals where overall testosterone was increased up to 347%! 

 #12 Catuaba P.E. 4:1 Extract

Another ingredient with a reputation as a testosterone booster and as an aphrodisiac. To this day, Catuaba is the most popular pro-sexual aid in South America.

In addition, it has immunity-enhancing effects, making it a great addition for bodybuilders who need fast recovery and cannot afford the lay-off time from being tired or run down. (13)

Conclusion: Is Test Stack No.17 the best testosterone booster?

With so many testosterone boosters on the market, finding the right one can be difficult.

Given the clinical studies and a large amount of 5-star reviews, it looks like a pretty good supplement. 

For the price, it presents good value given the ingredients.  The 110% money back guarantee is nice, also. 

With all that being said a lot of people are not completely satisfied with this product. As such we recommend the more popular and arguably better product TestoFuel. 

If you are looking for that natural testosterone boost then Testo Fuel is the best choice! 


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9.8 Total Score

Surge of Testosterone Production
Inhibits Estrogen
Increased Strength
Burns Fat
Reduces Body Fat %
  • Get everything in a bottle of Test Stack No.17.
  • 110% Money Back Guarantee – if you are not satisfied, you’ll get 110% of your money back with no questions or hassles.
  • All orders ship USPS Priority for free.
  • No sales tax, no recurring billing.
  • Some Test Stack No.17 reviewers have reported priapism, which is a persistent erection of the penis. If you experience an erection lasting for more than 4-hours, seek immediate medical attention.
  • Some Test Stack No.17 reviews have reported dramatically increased ejaculate volume as a side effect.
  • Not for women
  • Very basic label

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