Star Trac Elliptical Review

Cardio is one of the most important types of exercise you can do. It affects your heart and lungs, and improved cardiovascular fitness is inextricably linked to better cardiovascular health. You might mainly do cardio for weight management, but it’s reassuring to know it’s good for your overall wellbeing too.

While you could go for a run, a lot of exercisers prefer a lower impact, at-home workout, and ellipticals are especially popular. In this Star Trac elliptical review, you’ll be able to decide if this popular exercise machine is the right one for you.

Star Trac has an excellent reputation for making high-quality workout machines, both for home and commercial use. All Star Trac products are made in the USA, and their machines are both reliable and built to last. The Star Trac E-CT Total Body Trainer is not the cheapest home elliptical you can get. Still, it is definitely a very solid performer.

Star Trac Elliptical Review

StarTrac E-CT Total Body Trainer

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  • Dimensions: 76in L x 30in W x 71.5in H/ Weight: 447 lbs/ Step-Up Height: 7in/ Pedal Size: 17.5in L x 8in W (Open Ended)/ Distance Between Pedals: 2.25in /
  • Resistance: 20 Levels of Intensity/ HR Monitoring: Polar Telemetry and Contact Heart Rate System
  • User-Friendly Console Features a Large Message Window, Motivational Track, 8 User-Specific Workout Programs, Personal Fans- Create a More Rewarding Workout, and Multiple Cup and Accessory Holder/ Display: Intuitive, Tactile Response Keypad With LED Technology/ Readouts: 16- Character Message Window- Dedicated: Time, RPM, Heart Rate, Course Profile, Resistance Level, 1/4 Mile Motivational Track- Scrolling: Calories, Calories/Hour, Watts, Distance, Speed, METs Display/ Programs: 8 Programs Includi
  • Soft Trac Pedals Provide Ultimate Shock-Absorbing Comfort Throughout Entire Workout
  • Entertainment: Integrated iPod Connector and USB Power Port, Pre-Wired for E Series PVS Entertainment System

Key Features

As you’d expect from a company like Star Trac, the E-CT Total Body Trainer is fully loaded with great features to make your workouts as productive and enjoyable as possible. The key features of this machine include:

  • Low step-up height of 7″ – this makes getting on and off your machine a whole lot easier. Some machines are much higher, making them awkward to mount and dismount.
  • Cushioned oversized pedals – with space to move and padding under your feet, your workouts should be much more comfortable. The padding will also minimize any impact to an absolute minimum, reducing the chance of sore joints or injury.
  • Self-generated power – with the E-CT Total Body Trainer, you provide the power, so your workouts won’t increase your electricity bill. In addition, you can install this elliptical anywhere, even where there is no power source, and you won’t have to worry about tripping over wires.
  • 20 levels of resistance – with so many options, you should have no problem finding the perfect workout level for your current level of fitness. This means the E-CT Total Body Trainer ideal for beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercisers.
  • Large LED screen with clearly listed stats – keep track of your progress and stay motivated by keeping an eye on how your workout is progressing. The screen is easy to read and backlit for low-light conditions.
  • Adjustable front-facing fan – there is no need to get overheated or uncomfortable during your workout. The built-in fan will help keep you cool on even the hottest day.
  • Built-in heart rate monitor handles – grab the central handles to measure and display your current heart rate and make sure you are exercising at the right level of intensity.
  • Polar telemetry heart rate system – get hands-free heart rate monitoring by wearing a compatible heart rate chest strap.
  • Touch screen console – intuitive interface so you can control every aspect of your workout quickly and easily.
  • Integrated iPod Connector and USB Power Port – prevent boredom and increase motivation by working out to music. Charge your device using power generated during your workout.
  • Integrated tablet/book/magazine holder – don’t get bored while you work out. Use the integrated media rack to hold whatever you need to make your workouts more entertaining and enjoyable.
  • Transport wheels – just tip and roll your E-CT Total Body Trainer into your preferred workout location.
  • Twin water-bottle holders – don’t get dehydrated during your workout. Place a water bottle in either (or both) holders, so you have hydrating fluids within easy each.
  • Eight pre-programmed workouts – including quick start, dynamic heart rate control, fat burn, cardio, intervals, hills, and constant heart rate control.


For a home-use elliptical, the Star Trac E-CT Total Body Trainer is quite big. Because of this, you must check that you have enough space to house it. If it’s going in your garage, you should have no problem fitting it in, but if it’s going into a spare room or you have an apartment, measure up before buying to make sure it’s not too big for your space.

  • Length – 76 inches
  • Width – 30 inches
  • Height – 71.5 inches
  • Weight – 447 lbs.
  • User weight limit – 350 lbs.

Computer Features

The Star Trac E-CT Total Body Trainer features an easy-to-use computer to select and control your workouts. The main computer features are:

  • 8 user-specific workout programs
  • Time
  • Steps per minute
  • Heart rate
  • Course profile
  • Resistance level
  • ¼ mile motivational track
  • Total calories/calories per hour
  • Watts
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • METs
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Ease of Use

The Star Trac E-CT Total Body Trainer is very straightforward to use. e-ct cross trainerIf you want a quick workout, or prefer to control every aspect of your training, you can just hop on and use the quick start or manual settings, adjusting the intensity of your workout as you go.

However, if you prefer a pre-designed workout program, with a couple of button touches, you can select from the eight on offer and just follow along. Each one can be customized for duration and intensity to make sure your workout is right for you.

In terms of movement, all ellipticals are very easy to use. Just put your feet on the peddles, grab the handles, step with your feet, and push and pull with your arms. You can also go arms-free and place your hands on the non-moving handles that are right in front of you. Try to maintain an upright posture for a back-friendly workout that also burns more calories and gives your core an indirect workout.


Like most home-use fitness equipment, the Star Trac E-CT Total Body Trainer requires some self-assembly, although this is not a hard job, and all tools and instructions are supplied. star_trac_e-ct-cross_trainerWhile you should be able to put this elliptical together on your own in two hours or less, it’ll undoubtedly go faster and smoother if you have some help.

Be aware that this machine is quite big and bulky, so you should assemble it in the room you are going to use it. Once it’s put together, it may not fit through a standard doorway, and at 400+ pounds, you won’t want or be able to carry it upstairs. That said, it does have built-in transport wheels so you will still be able to move it once you’ve put it together, albeit not very far.


As you’d expect from a top-tier company like Star Trac, the E-CT Total Body Trainer comes with a very comprehensive warranty package.

There is a 10-year warranty on the frame, a 2-year warranty on all parts, a 1-year warranty on labor, and a 1-year warranty on wearable parts.

Last updated on April 11, 2024 11:42 am

Bottom Line

The Star Trac E-CT Total Body Trainer is a heavy-duty workout machine is designed for home use but wouldn’t be out of place in a commercial gym. Built to last, this high-spec elliptical has all the functions and features you need for effective, enjoyable home workouts. Because it’s low-impact, it’s easy on your joints, and ideal for exercisers looking to lose weight.

Unlike cycling and jogging, working out on an elliptical involves all of your major muscles. This not only makes better use of your time; it also burns more calories per workout, which is a win-win.

If there is a disadvantage to buying the E-CT Total Body Trainer, it’s the initial price – this is not a bargain-priced elliptical. However, it’s built to last (and last!) and should provide many years of faithful service, no matter how hard or how often you exercise. Backed by a very comprehensive warranty, you can buy with confidence.

9.8 Total Score
Star Trac Elliptical

For a gym style workout from the comfort of your own home, this trainer has you covered!

Quality & Durability
Value for Money

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