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Stamina X Air Rower Overview

An upgraded version of the Air Rowers that you know and love from Stamina, this one packs a bit more of a punch than some of the others. With a sleek look that is more attractive than some of the others, this rowing machine welcomes a lot more extras that the others may not be able to offer. The Stamina X Air Rower is a great value for the affordable price you can grab it at.

Adjustable and easy to use, this rower provides a full-body workout unlike any other. Not only that but with much smoother operation, you will want to row for all of your workouts. Read more about the Stamina X Air Rower and why you want to add this to your workout room and routine.

Stamina | X Air Rower

Stamina | X Air Rower

7 new from $471.99
as of January 21, 2023 1:38 am


  • INTUITIVE AND DYNAMIC: Burn calories, strengthen the entire body, tone muscle and improve heart health with the Stamina | X Air Rower.
  • PROGRAM CUSTOM WORKOUTS: The upgraded, high-end LCD monitor allows you to program custom workouts like target calories, target heart rate, and more. You can also follow along with pre-programmed interval routines. The monitor also tracks distance, time, calories burned, stroke count and strokes per minute.
  • ADJUSTABLE AIR RESISTANCE: Air resistance is easy to operate; Row harder to up the intensity or ease off for less. The durable rowing chain keeps the air resistance coming as the fan spins inside the metal housing, automatically adjusting the resistance to your intensity.
  • SMART FITNESS APP INCLUDED W/ PURCHASE: This product is fully supported by müüv, the all-in-one workout app that offers personalized training, a follow-along assembly video, and custom workouts tailored to your fitness goals using the equipment you own. No subscription required.
  • COMFORT ELEMENTS: Includes pivoting foot plates with adjustable straps, ergonomic seat and a padded rowing handle. The frame can be folded and rolled out of the way when not in use.

If you’re going to be rowing as a workout, then considering the best rowing machine for that workout is the best way to go. Finding a more upscale, higher quality one for an affordable price is going to be hard to do, but when you use the Stamina X, you can expect to have a great outcome from not only the machine but the price that is associated this product.

The rowing machine is one that provides a strong, durable body that can hold closer to 300 pounds but provides a comfortable, ergonomic seat so that you can feel good while rowing. The seat is adjustable to your height so that you can reach as far or as close as you need too and not have to strain while using the product.

The rowing comes with the air resistance that allows you to feel like you’re rowing and building muscle in the upper body area. With different levels and settings, you’re easily able to adjust the rower to your needs and ensure that you get the best outcome from using it to your advantage while you row.

This rowing is required for upper body workouts and for those that want to strengthen their core. They’re able to do so right from the comfort of their home with the use of the rowing machine that allows them to do so.

7 new from $471.99
as of January 21, 2023 1:38 am
Last updated on January 21, 2023 1:38 am

Key Features

  • Durable
  • Comfortable construction
  • Air resistance
  • Foldable with wheels
  • Steel frame construction
  • Pivoting footplates
  • Adjustable seat rail to angle the way you’d like
  • Padded rowing handle for comfort
  • Higher quality with better rowing capabilities

Using the Stamina X Air Rower

For those that are thinking of using a rowing machine, this upgraded version of the earlier stamina is perfect for all occasions. Not only do you benefit from the durable steel frame of the product, but you are able to enjoy a wide range of extras such as padded seats, comfortable padded handles, foldable wheels, and rack so that you can fold it up and store it out of view from those that might come to the home.

There are a lot of benefits to using this model over some of the others and it is important to find a one that you feel the most comfortable using. This one provides more comfort to the user, while also being able to be stored away. Some of the later models were unable to be folded and stored.

This product was perfected by the others that users provided their feedback on. The item then was made to address the faults in some of the other rowing machines from the same company. They still provide quality, as well as the affordable price for their rowing machines but a more perfected model to give you even more when using it for all of your workout needs and routines.

With a double rowing chain, you can use both arms to get into the motions of rowing and being able to benefit in the long run from the use of the machine. You can work out not only your arms, shoulders and upper body, but also your core and calf muscles.

Enjoy the benefits of being able to row with ease and precision. This is the best for those that like to row and enjoy a machine that works with them. This can be the machine that does just that and completes a work out flawlessly.

7 new from $471.99
as of January 21, 2023 1:38 am
Last updated on January 21, 2023 1:38 am


Some assembly is required on the machine, as it is not all put together, although some of the pieces are. It should not take the user more than an hour to put it completely together. Follow the instructions that came with the rower to complete the assembly and to start using this excellent machine.


  • Durable, strong design
  • More resistance for the user
  • Ideal for even tall users
  • A compact frame that folds for easy storage
  • Comfort seat and handles
  • Pivoting footplates for more comfort
  • Double rowing chain


  • Some assembly is required
  • A bit more expensive than some of the older models
  • Fan is a bit loud
7 new from $471.99
as of January 21, 2023 1:38 am
Last updated on January 21, 2023 1:38 am

Bottom Line

If you’re into finding the right rower for the money, then this is going to bring the most bang for your buck. Not only is it an upgraded model, but it is one that brings along a lot of features that you would not normally be able to get from other rowers that are a bit plainer.

With more resistance, this is more ideal for those that are moderately into working out, versus those that are new.

It can provide the user with hours of fitness, but without the high price tag that would normally be involved with a high-quality rowing machine. Trust in Stamina to provide the right rowing machines for every workout imaginable.

They know what their audience wants and the Stamina X brings a lot of promise with it. If you are considering rowing for a workout, consider this rowing machine above all others.

9.2 Total Score

An upgraded rowing machine from Stamina. This air rower has a lot of great features at a great price.



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