5 Reasons Gym Rats Are Switching To This Preworkout For The Best Workout of Their Life

Here are the five reasons why everyone is ditching their old preworkouts for the perfect balance of energy, pump, focus, endurance, performance, and stimulants that Superhuman Preworkout by Alpha Lion offers.

1. Three Different Caffeine Levels For Your Choice of Stimulation

Choose between Pump (no caffeine): Best for late night workouts or when you need a stimulant break, Pre (medium caffeine): The OG option for people looking for a balanced pre workout in all areas, and Supreme:An extreme energy pre workout created for a long lasting, euphoric experience without the nasty crash.

2. No BS

Backed by research for maximum effectiveness! We take pride in our Full Label Disclosure, so you see the exact amount of EVERY active ingredient inside, which means: No Proprietary Blends (aka full transparency); Scientifically-studied, premium ingredients, and most importantly… No BS!

3. Feel the SXT Difference

Say goodbye to the steep drop-off associated with traditional forms of caffeine used in pre-workouts. Instead, our novel tri-source (that means 3) caffeine matrix provides you with a smoother, more sustained energy and focused experience than standard caffeine. The result: an unforgettable combo of immediate + prolonged energy that’s both fast-acting and long-lasting.

4. 365 Day Money Back Guarantee

We stand by industry leading 365 day money back guarantee. If you don’t have an amazing experience with SuperHuman Pre-workout, you have 365 days to ask for a full refund. We even let you keep the tub!

5. Limited Time: Get a FREE Protein Sample Tub With Your Pre Order

SuperHuman Protein is a mouth-watering whey isolate for those who want to feel Superhuman after every workout…combining unbeatable flavor with 25 grams of ultra-premium undenatured protein in every scoop…and loaded with a patented digestive enzyme blend to minimize stomach discomfort. Resulting in a protein experience that’s super pure, super easy to digest, and super f****** tasty.


Jason was a former bodybuilder who dedicated a significant part of his life to the sport. Although now retired from the competitive bodybuilding World, he still coaches a select few clients and is a full-time health advocate to the readers here at Fitness Equipment Reviews!

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