Powher Pre Workout Review – Does It Really Work?

First, let’s look at the term pre-workout. Pre means ‘before,’ so without wanting to state the obvious, this type of supplement you take before working out. Supplements in this category are designed to boost your endurance – letting you work out longer – and motivation – letting you work out harder.

💪 What is Powher Pre-Workout?

Powher claims that their Pre-Workout supplement will “support more intense workouts,” great if you’re looking to tone up or lose weight. And, because this pre-workout is geared toward a female audience, Powher also notes that there are no muscle pumping ingredients “so you won’t look bulky.”

What Ingredients are in Powher Pre-Workout?

This pre-workout has a great formula, built around a logical combination of ingredients. It’s made by Ultimate Life, a company known for sticking to the science when it comes to choosing what to include in their supplements. Their website says only ingredients backed by “the most rigorous human studies” make the cut – we’ll see whether that stands up to scrutiny later.

Here’s what you’ll find in Powher Pre-Workout.

🔖 Main ingredients

To be effective, a pre-workout needs to boost four things: Energy, focus, stamina, and strength. The latter ensures more power while exercising, whether you do weights or cardio. Powher’s ingredient list contains things geared toward each of these outcomes.

powher pre-workout ingredients

For energy, there’s caffeine – a well-known and naturally occurring stimulant. There’s also EnXtra® to boost your body’s uptake of caffeine, and vitamins (B5 and B6) to reduce fatigue and support energy-yielding metabolism.

For focus, you’ll also benefit from the caffeine, as a well-known effect is increased motivation and alertness. Other Powher ingredients combine to improve your mood and reduce stress, great for helping you to stay focussed during exercise. Vitamin B6 and tyrosine are two examples of ingredients involved in the production of naturally-occurring mood enhancers in your body.

For stamina, ingredients like tyrosine support cognitive function to help you invest more effort – mental and physical – in your workout. Obviously energy, focus, and stamina go hand in hand as well, and one of the hallmarks of a good pre-workout is ingredients that work in unison.

For strength, OxyJun® will improve performance and endurance. Beta-alanine will reduce your fatigue, and soreness after your workout will be reduced by taurine and l-citrulline malate.

As you can see, Powher’s got you covered on all counts. Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside:

  • Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) – boosts energy levels and extends workout performance.
  • Vitamin B6 – involved in the production of chemicals used by your body to burn fat and regulate mood.
  • Vitamin B12 – improves the transfer of oxygen through your bloodstream.
  • Taurine – reduces delayed-onset muscle soreness and damage.
  • L-Citrulline malate – enhances athletic performance and further reduces muscle soreness.
  • Beta-alanine – thought to reduce fatigue during aerobic exercise.
  • RedNite® – boosts muscular force production and reduces fatigue.
  • Tyrosine – enhances mood during acute stress conditions like exercise.
  • Coconut water powder – rich in minerals and a great natural alternative to sports electrolyte drinks.
  • OxyJun® – improves cardiovascular endurance without relying on stimulants.
  • Natural caffeine – a stimulant linked with greater alertness, endurance, and motivation during exercise.
  • EnXtra® – boosts the effects and uptake of caffeine without amplifying the negative effects.

Each of these ingredients has been subject to human studies into their effects, so Powher’s claim does stand up.

Here’s the full list, taken from the Powher website.

🔖 Additional Ingredients

Powher contains sucralose – an artificial sweetener – to give it a pleasant sweet taste.

How does Powher Pre-Workout work?

Supplements work by breaking down inside your digestive system and releasing their various ingredients into your body to do their thing. Powher’s pre-workout is a drink, so you just stir a scoopful into a cup of water, drink it down, and the ingredients can get to work.

powher how it works

Powher Pre-Workout functions by improving the quality of your workout. As you know: If you work out harder, and for longer, you’ll burn more calories. Many people struggle with keeping themselves motivated while working out (or motivating themselves to work out in the first place). Firstly, by targeting things like mood and focus, Powher’s formula aims to increase your desire to exercise.

Then, once you’re working out, the idea is to keep you working out. People struggle just as much to physically hit their workout goals, even if they’re feeling motivated. This can happen due to lack of energy, energy dissipating too quickly, or feeling psychologically unable to carry on. Again, the Powher formula contains ingredients to help you overcome these hurdles.

So in short, Powher Pre-Workout works by powering up your exercise routine. You’ll feel fired up and energised so that every aspect of your workout will feel less gruelling and more enjoyable.

You can stack it with other Powher supplements, too.

You’ve probably noticed that we specify Powher Pre-Workout each time. That’s because Powher also sells a fat burner and a sleep supplement. One of the things we like about this pre-workout is the ability to stack it (i.e. combine) with other supplements in their range.

There’s a lot of overlap between exercise and weight loss, and many people taking a pre-workout are interested in losing weight or keeping their weight at a certain level. By stacking Powher pre-workout with their fat burner, you position yourself to shed more pounds than you otherwise would from the same workout regime.

And because one of the roots that can lead to decreased motivation and energy is poor sleep, having the option to stack Powher’s pre-workout with their sleep supplement covers you from another angle.

How to take Powher

powher pre workout for women

Taking Powher Pre-Workout is simple: Just mix one 10g scoop into a cup of water, and drink it down before your workout. That will give the ingredients time to enter your system and get to work.

While you can stack Powher Pre-Workout with other supplements in their range, we recommend taking special care if you’re planning to combine it with any other products. Although the ingredients in Powher’s formula are safe in the quantities it contains, exceeding maximum daily amounts can cause problems, and this is easy to do by accident if mixing products.

Does Powher Pre-Workout work

No review is worth its salt if it doesn’t answer the question of whether the product in question actually works. We’ve seen good results from Powher – in line with those advertised – and these are backed up by a lot of positive reviews from the community.

Given that this is a relatively new supplement, the number of positive reviews is itself reassuring.

Mary UK review powherMary from the UK notes that the all-natural ingredients and absence of harmful stimulants put her mind at rest after struggling to find a pre-workout. She calls Powher “a godsend” – high praise!

Denise also enjoyed having “energy without a caffeine headache.” Some generic supplements contain levels of caffeine that are above what people are used to. This is especially true of supplements that don’t take into account the lower threshold for caffeine amongst women.

Sydney says that Powher “gives the perfect amount of extra energy in the morning that I need to work out,” also noting higher energy and motivation, with none of the jitters that she’d found from other supplements.

Powher Pre-Workout benefits and advantages

Here’s what stood out as benefits of the Powher Pre-Workout.

💚 Lots of positive reviews – For a young supplement, having lots of positive reviews early on is a great sign.

💚 Powers up your workout – You’ll be able to work out harder, and for longer. The result? More calories burned, and a stronger, healthier you.

💚 Geared toward female physiology – Some pre-workouts are strongly geared toward men who want to pump iron and get ripped, and obviously this doesn’t align with all women’s gym plans. By skipping those ingredients, Powher Pre-Workout lends itself better to typical female exercise goals.

💚 Great, logical formula – Each ingredient in the formula makes sense, and nothing feels surplus. They support each other and work in tandem to deliver a consistent and sensible workout experience.

💚 Built on human-backed scientific studies – The science behind each of the ingredients in Powher’s formula is solid, and they’ve all been tested on human subjects. Great reassurance, especially in an industry prone to fad ingredients.

💚 Boosts your workout from three complementary angles – By boosting energy, stamina, and motivation, Powher’s pre-workout has got the usual exercise pain points covered.

💚 Reduces muscle ache from working out – Ingredients like taurine and l-citrulline malate help to ensure that your muscles ache less after hitting the gym. This is a great encouragement when it comes to your next workout!

💚 You can stack this with other Powher supplements – If you’re looking to burn fat as part of your exercise routine, you can check out Powher’s fat burner. They also have a sleep aid to help you get a better night’s rest. All these supplements can be taken in combination.

Powher disadvantages and drawbacks

It’s not a perfect picture, although there are fewer drawbacks than benefits.

💔 It’s relatively expensive – Powher’s price tag is a bit above some other pre-workouts, but the positive reviews imply that people don’t find this off-putting.

💔 Powher contains sucralose – This isn’t a problem for everybody, but some people are averse to sucralose or other artificial sweeteners. You’ll find it in the Powher ingredients list, but you’ll see it in the majority of pre-workouts, too.


Pre-workout supplements are designed to boost the duration and intensity of a workout you were already going to do. You’ll feel stronger and more motivated, and you’ll be able to work harder and burn more calories as a result. They are not designed to help you burn calories without working out.

If all that sounds good, then a pre-workout could be what you’re looking for. And if this is the case, we can recommend Powher Pre-Workout. It’s a good product whose formula has solid scientific foundations. It’s made by a company with a proven track record in the supplement industry, and the reviews are positive across the board.

You can visit the Powher website to learn more about their range of supplements. Also check out our pre workout reviews for the following:

9.8 Total Score
Powher Pre Workout

An excellent option for women looking for an excellent pre workout!


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