Military Muscle Review

If you have started to notice that your training has become more difficult with age, or you are already at a high level but wish to gain an extra edge, Military Muscle is the supplement for you.

For some people, being active is a way of life, but when they can no longer maintain their regime or find it more difficult to keep up, it can become very frustrating.

Those that lead physically and mentally demanding lifestyles such as athletes or military personnel their quest for being the best, being the fittest and the most robust can be the difference between winning, losing, living or dying.

Therefore, to achieve greatness we need to look not necessarily at our training frequency or intensity, but what we are deficient in.

Studies show that testosterone increases protein synthesis which improves muscle recovery, mental and physical performance. [1]

Studies also note that micronutrient deficiencies contribute towards a decline in natural testosterone production. [2]

Furthermore, as men age, their levels of testosterone deplete [3]. When these scenarios are combined it can have a negative effect on your ability to train hard and excel.

Low testosterone can manifest itself in different ways, but the most common symptoms are:

  • Low energy
  • Reduced muscle strength and mass
  • Lack of motivation
  • Increase fat mass
  • Feeling low
  • Loss of libido
  • Diminished confidence

Obviously if a man recognises these symptoms, he may look towards testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) immediately rather than looking at deficiencies in his diet or lifestyle.

However, TRT is also associated with life threatening risks [4], whereas addressing your micronutrient deficiencies with a supplement can raise your testosterone levels naturally without side effects while being more cost effective and not affecting your health insurance premiums.

One of the most nutritionally comprehensive natural testosterone boosters on the market and also one of the latest is Military Muscle from Mil-Tech Pharma Ltd.

Military Muscle Review

Military Muscle is a vegan friendly natural testosterone booster, the difference is, the team behind the supplement are serving soldiers and competitive athletes.

This isn’t just a quickly whipped up supplement using a pre-existing, off the shelf formula with a different label on.

It was developed from the ground up over a period of 3 years with one goal; to improve the performance of those who need it most.

Those who are looking for that natural edge, and those who lead arduous lifestyles with their bodies pushed to the limits.

But it isn’t just a different ethos behind the brand, it contains an excellent nutrient profile that surpasses everything on the market.

So, without having to use injections, gels, implants or patches which use synthetic hormones to artificially raise your T levels, Military Muscle uses a combination of clinically proven ingredients, but more importantly, this supplement includes the clinically proven doses!

What does this mean for you?

No risk.

Providing your body with the micronutrients required, and often missed in a typical Western diet, Military Muscle and help gradually improve your hormone levels to improve your all-round performance.

All without the risk of unwanted side effects that steroids or TRT can present, not just physiologically but legally.

Military Muscle Benefits

This is a supplement that has been extensively developed by experts and those eager to improve their capabilities in the harshest and most stressful environments.

strong male holding a dumbbell with no shirt on

It is not just a supplement to boost natural testosterone, but one that can have a positive impact on sleep, recovery, cognitive ability, endurance, immunity, libido, inflammation response, fertility all the while being completely vegan friendly.

In addition, close attention has been paid to other elements often overlooked such as clear plant-capsules so there’s no risk of toxicity from food colorings and a transparent nutrient profile so you know exactly what and how much of each ingredient is included.

Military Muscle is also manufactured in a facility within the UK that has to adhere to strict manufacturing, hygienic and quality controls.

Shipping is free, and sent using well regarded international carriers. There’s even a priority option available for those who want it super quick.

In short, everything has been considered and covered to ensure you get the finest supplement available with free shipping.

Military Muscle Ingredients

Whilst many people may choose a supplement based on the label design and marketing alone, the reality is that a supplement is nothing without rigorously researched ingredients or the proven doses.

This is where Military Muscle excels.

Vitamin A

Studies have highlighted that vitamin A can help with the normal function of your immune system and organs, including the testes.

Results saw that vitamin A intake is associated with testosterone and when combined with iron, acts as well as hormone therapy. [5]

Vitamin D3

 D3 is linked to many positive health benefits, one of which is testosterone. Many people around the world suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. [6]

Clinical evidence shows that D3 is associated with healthy testosterone levels and that service personnel should supplement with vitamin D to strengthen immunity. [7]

Vitamin K2

Data suggests that 97% of the population are deficient in K2. This is concerning for a number of health reasons as K2 can help prevent testosterone decline, reduce inflammation and contribute to a healthy immune system. [8]


Military Muscle have stipulated that this is a supplement to enhance physical and mental performance. This is where iron fits in.

Those who exercise a lot are at a heightened risk for a deficiency, and iron is required to transport oxygen to the organs. It also helps the immune system and data show that those who are anemic also suffer from low T. [9]


Evidence shows that a typical American diet doesn’t contain sufficient levels of zinc, and a lack of zinc is directly linked to low T. [10]

In addition, those who train a lot or live in hot climates are at a risk from further deficiency as zinc is lost via sweat.

Urtica Diocia (Stinging Nettle Extract)

This plant extract is loaded with further nutrients that can help with reducing inflammation and estrogens.

It’s also been highlighted in clinical data to increase testosterone levels at the right dose. [11]


Military Muscle has included a daily dose of 10mg because it has been proven at this level to increase testosterone and reduce estrogen. [12]

A lack of boron is associated with reduced physical performance.

Mucuna Pruriens

Just three months of mucuna pruriens saw an increase of testosterone for men who were infertile. Even men who weren’t infertile have shown a positive reaction to mucuna.

This natural bean is able to reduce prolactin levels which are responsible for lowering T.


The extracts of the ashwagandha plant are well documented to improve physical and hormone levels when dosed at 600mg daily for 3 months while reducing stress. [13]

D-Aspartic Acid

Like many other of the listed ingredients, DAA is susceptible to doses. Too much DAA has the opposite of the desired effect.

It’s benefits can include a boost in testosterone levels and much improved fertility. [14]


When dosed at 500mg daily for 2 months, clinical trials have proven that fenugreek will increase testosterone levels and reduce body fat. [15]

ingredients in military muscle

Is Military Muscle Safe?

This supplement has been designed to be legal and safe for use by athletes and soldiers who are routinely tested for banned substances.

That means Military Muscle only contains well researched natural ingredients that have been used for, in some cases, centuries.

Each ingredient is supported by lots of clinical studies that have no reported unwanted side effects.

Additionally, there aren’t any traces of nuts, animal products or allergens.

However, if you do have any underlying or pre-existing health conditions, run a check with a medical professional.

Military Muscle is produced in an FDA accredited facility in the UK that has to adhere to stricts manufacturing and hygienic regulations.

The way it works…

Another safety aspect is that Military Muscle naturally enhances your performance and contributes to an increase of its own production of testosterone.

That means it doesn’t overload your system with synthetic testosterone which can have negative health implications and damage your hormone production.

As a result, your body will be working with an optimal amount of T for best results.

How to take it – Dose & Frequency

As with any supplement that you buy, take note of the manufacturer’s instructions.

Each bottle of Military Muscle provides 180 plant-caps (vegan friendly) which lasts for 30 days.

man with his arms crossed

The instructions direct the user to take 6 capsules daily. To optimize the level of acting nutrients in your system you should take 2 capsules in the morning, 2 around midday and the last 2 in the evening, preferably 30 minutes before a meal.

This way your body always has the nutrients to utilize rather than 1 big hit which can lead to the unused nutrients being excreted and wasted.

The team behind Military Muscle recommend a course of 3 months (3 bottles) to be used as the scientific studies note that best results for some of the ingredients take effect after 3 months use.

The daily dose deserves to be mentioned because it is very high, at 3850mg it is much more than alternative products, and this is down to that all important thorough research which makes this such a class-leader.

We mentioned earlier about the doses being important.

Whereas many supplements will include proven ingredients, the required doses for best effects are often overlooked.

Military Muscle includes the optimal doses as outlined in the clinical studies, anything less is just not going to be effective.


Unlike many other supplements, Military Muscle have a TrustPilot page, and their score is rated as ‘excellent’.

Athlete muscular bearded bodybuilder man with naked torso posing with dumbbells in gym.

They have some great reviews, but in the name of transparency, we have to say there’s some negative comments.

However, don’t let that put you off because the negative comments are about shipping delays around the busy Christmas period, and to give Military Muscle their dues, they responded to each one explaining the situation.

Actual reviews regarding the product from customers are very good. Here’s one that sticks out:

“Definitely more drive. Loving effects in gym and overall.”

Pricing & Retailers

Only buy Military Muscle from their website. They ship internationally and do not sell through third party retailers such as Amazon, Ebay or any other outlets.

This is important to note, because this guarantees quality control, we need to be sure of where our products come from and the manufacturing and safety standards.

If you buy Military Muscle from any other outlet you aren’t going to get the best price or product, and it is most likely a counterfeit.

All orders include free global shipping (an upgrade priority option is available), and in respect of the evidence pointing towards 3 months use, there are multi-buy deals to reduce the cost of each individual bottle.

Prices are in USD (although the local currency is worked out based on your location automatically) and can be paid using different secure methods such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, Credit/Debit cards and there’s even an easy 0% interest free finance option.

  • 1 month supply – $69
  • 2 month supply – $124
  • 4 month supply (includes 1 free bottle, workout/diet plans) – $199
  • 6 month supply (free tee shirt, upgraded shipping, workout/diet plans) – $285

Bottom Line

If you are serious about improving your performance, you need to ensure your body has the right nutrients to excel and reduce any deficiencies.

Low levels of testosterone prevent you from reaching peak performance. Low T also negatively affects other areas of your health from libido, mental function, reproduction, fat burn and muscle growth.

The Military Muscle team has managed to produce a supplement that is supported by extensive research to ensure that it is safe, effective and legal.

Whereas testosterone replacement therapy and steroids are invasive and can have a long standing impact on your own hormonal production system, Military Muscle supports your body to naturally produce its own testosterone in a safe manner.

Military Muscle addresses the nutrient deficiencies that are a result of a standard western diet, by doing so, it has a much wider scope of benefits than just looking to maximize testosterone.

Its extensive list of clinically proven ingredients in proven doses is a hallmark of its quality and commitment to improving your performance if you are a soldier, athlete or a fitness enthusiast.


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Military Muscle

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