IdealLean Protein Review

With a market overwhelmingly dominated by products and supplements designed for men, IdealFit was created in 2015 to even the playing field. IdealFit was designed by women, for women. All products reflect this and aim to support women’s health and their unique fitness and lifestyle goals.

Since that time, IdealFit has grown into much more than just a supplement line. They offer challenges with meal plans, blogs dedicated to giving you the most updated fitness information backed by science, and support communities where you can share your story and become inspired by others.

IdealLean Protein Review

How does IdealLean Protein Work and Who can Benefit?

IdealLean Chocolate Brownie Protein is a powdered form of Whey Isolate that comes in a tub with a scoop. Add a scoop of the protein into your favorite liquid like water, nut milks or regular milk, and give it a quick mix, then you can enjoy a delicious shake.

Once ingested, your body will digest and absorb the protein where it will be utilized (1,2,3). When used in combination with resistance training, protein shakes may promote muscle growth by increasing protein synthesis. Protein shakes can also be useful in weight loss efforts by increasing fullness, increasing your metabolism, and reducing visceral and subcutaneous abdominal fat (4, 5, 6, 7, 8). So regardless of your fitness and lifestyle goals, protein shakes are the perfect tool to help get you there. With IdealLean’s unique formula designed for women, they will get the most significant benefit from this product.

Ingredients and Nutritional Information

IdealLean is made with whey protein isolate, while many other protein shakes on the market use whey protein concentrate. So what is the difference you might be wondering? Whey protein isolate undergoes more processing, which results in an easier to digest protein drink with a higher protein content, while having less carbs and fat.ideallean tub

This is why IdealLean’s Chocolate Brownie Flavor has 0 grams of fat, only 3 grams of carbs and 20 grams of protein per serving! IdealLean didn’t stop there though, they fortified their protein supplements with micronutrients such as calcium, vitamin-d, and Iron to help with bone health and iron deficiencies that women commonly face.

You also know you’re getting quality ingredients because all IdealFit’s Whey Protein has passed both the accuracy-test and the purity test for Labdoor. Labdoor’s Label Accuracy score is based on a product’s measured levels of active ingredients compared to its label claims.

Labdoor’s Product Purity score is based on a product’s contaminant levels.

How Does it Taste and other Flavor Options

IdealLean’s protein powder was created to mix well with any liquid because no one likes a chunky protein shake. Not to mention they taste amazing! Depending on what you mix the shake with, will alter the taste slightly, but even in just regular water, you have yourself a chocolatey treat that will help you to reach your fitness goals.

If chocolate brownie isn’t your cup of tea, they also have plenty of other flavors to choose from! There is chocolate coconut, caramel mocha, white chocolate peppermint, strawberries and cream, vanilla, mint chocolate, cold brew coffee, and their new clear whey flavors that put a new spin on what a protein shake is! You really can’t go wrong with any of them.

When to use it for Best Results

Your pre-workout meal is what is truly important, as it provides you with energy during your workout. The absorption of that meal happens well into your post workout recovery phase! Ideally, you would want to make sure you get a high quality protein source, along with fats and carbs about 2 hours before you work out.

Not all of us eat a meal before a workout, so drinking an IdealLean protein shake a few hours before a workout will allow the protein to be utilized when and where it is needed during and immediately after your workout! The most important aspect of nutrition, however, is making sure you get the correct amount of protein that you need for your fitness goals, spread out throughout the day.

Not all of us eat protein at every meal, so IdealLean makes it easy to get protein anytime you need it, even on the days you don’t work out! You just can’t get this kind of convenience and flexibility from any other protein source!

Benefits of using IdealLean protein

Because IdealLean protein is made using whey protein isolate, it shouldn’t make you feel bloated or crampy like more inferior protein supplements can/will.idealfit shakes With just 100 calories, it can help you in your weight loss efforts, or be a low-calorie solution to increasing your protein intake without increasing your other macronutrient amounts.

Like we stated above, IdealLean protein has added Vitamin-D, calcium and iron to help support women’s health. Vitamin-D can help fight diseases like heart disease and the flu, it may reduce depression, and can potentially help with your weight loss efforts 19 (9, 10). This is on top of all the vital processes that Vitamin-D is a part of within the body. Vitamin-D and calcium also work together to help decrease the risk for osteoporosis, which women are more susceptible to (11). Calcium has even been shown to help ease the symptoms of PMS (12). As you can see, IdealLean is more than just a protein supplement aimed at creating bigger muscles. IdealFit understands the nutritional and physical needs of women and uses IdealLean as a supplement to help them achieve their ideal selves, while they work to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Pros and Cons


  • Delicious- Just read the reviews on the website and it is easy to see why the protein is so popular. And there’s over 15 flavors to choose from!
  • Added micronutrients to support women’s health – Remember, this protein was designed by women, for women.
  • No fat, no cholesterol and minimal carbs- This provides an ideal way to get your protein without unnecessary calories.
  • Made with whey isolate- This is the highest quality protein powder you can find.


  • Artificial sweetener- To maintain the low-calorie amount and minimal fat/carb macronutrients, while ensuring high amounts of quality protein, they do use the artificial sweetener Splenda. Our research has shown no proven ill-effects, but we understand some people may want to avoid these.
  • Price – because they only use the highest quality protein and ingredients, naturally the cost is a little bit higher. They do have a lot of great sales though, so be sure to check their website often so you don’t miss out!


If you’re not satisfied you can return your order within one year from delivery for a full refund of the purchase price. Shipping costs will be refunded if the return is a result of an error. An example of this if receiving an incorrect or defective item. If you ordered more than one thing, all items must be returned to receive a full refund on any order.

Bottom Line

As you can see, IdealFit created IdealLean protein powders for women. It has all the traditional components of a protein shake, with added benefits for women and uses only the highest quality of ingredients. It offers an easy and convenient way for you to reach your unique goals, so that you can achieve your IdealFit.


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9.5 Total Score
IdealLean Protein

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