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Bowflex Blaze Overview

A Bowflex home gym provides the user with a full-body workout without having to leave their home. Bowflex is a trusted name in the industry and one that provides quality and value with their products. Those that want to have a gym in their homes trust in Bowflex products to provide full-body workouts without having to purchase separate pieces that work out individual parts.

The Bowflex Blaze provides the user with this unparalleled workout experience without having to visit a gym to achieve their desired body results.

You might be surprised that this smaller home-gym is providing quality workouts to those that want something lighter weight yet effective.

If you already have purchased the Bowflex blaze learn how to set it up properly to maximize your home workouts!

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

as of May 19, 2024 5:26 pm


  • FULL BODY WORKOUT: 60+ exercises for a full body workout.
  • POWER ROD RESISTANCE: 210 lbs of Power Rod resistance, upgradable to 310 lbs or 410 lbs.
  • WORKOUTS INCLUDED: Bowflex provides 7 free trainer-built workout regimens.
  • AEROBIC ROWING: Sliding seat rail allows you to perform aerobic rowing and leg presses.
  • PULLEY SYSTEM: Multiple cable/pulley positions enable custom workouts.

The Bowflex Blaze provides the user with a way to exercise in over 60 different ways. Not only can you enjoy having that full-body workout but you can enjoy it right at home.

The product is set up so that the user can work on various areas of their body with just the one machine so that they do not need extra machines for the other areas of their workouts.

Key Features:

  • Provides over 60 exercises
  • 7 Free trainer work out exercises
  • Custom workouts are possible
  • 210 lbs of resistance, but can be upgraded up to 310 or 410 lbs.
  • Sliding seat rail
  • Lat and squat bar included
  • Easy storage with foldable bench and wheels on the bottom
  • Hand and ankle grips/cuffs included
  • Dimensions: L:95 x W:38 x H:84 inches
  • 98 pounds

The main purpose of this product is so that those that want to workout from home are able to do so without having to worry about large workout equipment or having to purchase separate pieces to go in your home-gym setup. This creates a lightweight all-in-one gym that can be set almost anywhere in the home for all types of workouts.

Exercising all areas of the body, you can adjust your workouts for your legs and butt, arms and upper body or your abs and core. The system works well with those that want to build out their muscle tone or that just want to maintain a healthier weight and lifestyle.

The set does not provide a heavy lifting appeal for those that lift higher quantities of weight, but it can help to build and maintain muscle mass in those that require lesser weights.

Last updated on May 19, 2024 5:26 pm

Adding Extra Weight is Possible

The home gym can be added too so that the weight limits can be increased as the user becomes stronger with use. As with any Bowflex review, the original weight provided with the machine was the only weight used with the product for this review. Additional weight is sold separately.

Easy to Store

Easy to stash away when not in use, it does not need an entire room to function properly. You can fold the product up and then slip it behind something. The bench folds up so you can have it out of the way and pushed against the rest of the machine.

The product has wheels, so you can push it into a different room, inside a closet or off to the side if you need more room inside the room that it is currently placed in.


The assembly of this product was easy. It provides everything you need to easily put together the system and most of the pieces already came pre-assembled to make your life a bit easier overall. Those that are worried about assembly should not be due to the easy to read directions and overall ease of assembly for the product.

The Bowflex Blaze is an ideal solution for those that want to have a lighter wright workout. You can maintain the size of your muscles and body with the use of this lighter weight gym that is not huge and will not take up too much space within the home.

Those that want a more serious workout or heavier weights may want to consider a bigger Bowflex option.

Last updated on May 19, 2024 5:26 pm


  • Comes with warranty and added protection plan
  • Highly recommended brand
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with multiple workouts
  • Easily customize your workouts
  • Perfect for smaller home gyms
  • Works out the entire body
  • Easy to read instruction manual with exercises in it


  • May not be enough of a workout for experienced or seasoned exercisers
  • May require other home-gym products
  • You need at least 86 inches in height for the room
  • The cords are not the easiest to switch out but it is possible
  • Range of motion is a bit shorter than some would like
  • Tighten up the bench because it can be a bit wobbly when trying to do specific exercises
  • Will not replicate free weights

Bottom Line

As mentioned above, the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym provides the user with a way to enjoy all that comes with working out. Not only that, but those that are thinking of adding an entire gym area to their home want to get the most for their money. As a more affordable Bowflex, the name alone should be enough to get you to want to work out with it.

Obtaining a full workout is hard to do if you do not have the correct workout tools in your home gym. Bowflex aims to reduce the need for separate pieces by putting together sets within one product.

The Bowflex Blaze is lighter weight and more affordable, yet it still provides the entire body workout that you want so you never have to leave the home to work out again. The choice on whether or not this is the right product for you to use depends on your exercise level and what you’d like to do for your workouts. See more home-gym reviews here.

9.8 Total Score
Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

The Bowflex Blaze Home Gym makes it easier to complete a full body workout in your own home or dedicated work out area. There are over 60 exercises one can complete with this machine!


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