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Body Rider Overview

When searching for the best elliptical comfort is an important feature to consider for your workout. With multiple choices on the market, the user must go with one that is going to provide the quality that is needed. With this Elliptical, you can expect precision and power with every move that you make.

It comes with multiple functions and features, so you know you’re obtaining the best workout that money has to offer when you bring a product home and use it to your advantage. Even with its simple design, it still can provide the user with the ultimate workout.

Perfect to add to your workout routine or to enjoy using for various other reasons. You can get the legs and thighs you’ve always wanted while strengthening your core at the same time.

Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer with Air Resistance System

Body Rider Elliptical Trainer

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  • 2-In-1 Trainer: Unlike Ordinary Exercise Bikes, Ours Has Dual Exercise Modes, Which Save Space In Your Home Gym Or Home Office While Maximizing Routine. Our Foam Bike Seat Provides The Option Of Full Body Seated Fitness
  • Hassle-Free Transitions: Easily Stand, Sit And Adjust Resistance To Customize Your Cardio Hiit Workout Session And Home Workout Experience
  • Adjustable Home Workout Equipment: The Seat Adjusts Both Vertically And Horizontally For Up To 7 Different User Heights, While The Full Body Handlebars Offer 3 Height Options For A Versatile And Convenient Total Gym Experience
  • Safety Features: Includes An Adjustable Cushion, 4 Integrated Handlebars And Covered Fan Flywheel To Prevent Injury. The Front And Rear Stabilizers Give The User Side-To-Side Safety And Stability. The Fan Resistance Provides A Smooth Glide While The Tension Adjusts Easily With A Manual Turn Knob

This amazing elliptical provides the user with everything that they need to lose weight and tone their muscles. Not only can you grab a lightweight, easy to use elliptical, but you can add it to your home workout center with ease.

With many functions, a simple style and more, you can work out and enjoy every second of having an affordable way to do so.

Work both of your upper and lower body at the same time when you use the handles that move along with the foot pedals on this product. Some may exercise without the handles if you wish to only work the lower body, but you can use the handles to keep your arms working with your legs at the same time.

With the simple design of this elliptical, it’s fairly straightforward to work out. The product even comes with a workout video so you can make sure to learn how to use the product and keep the fun going when it comes to working the muscles of your body.

Smooth, quiet operation is what is needed with an elliptical and you can expect nothing but the best results that come along with this one. Those that want something simple to use for their cardio and leg days can benefit from the use of this product. Those that want even more from their workouts regardless of what day it is can also benefit from this.

Beginners and advanced users are enjoying the use of this product, as it can be adjusted to the resistance that you’d like when using it for whatever workout you’re currently doing or whatever fitness goals you have.

2 new from $148.99
as of May 5, 2024 2:38 am
Last updated on May 5, 2024 2:38 am

 Key Features

  • Elliptical motion design
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Dual-action handlebars
  • Work out upper, lower and core body areas together
  • User guide and video included with the product
  • 59.5” x 28.5” x 48”
  • 66 pounds, maximum user weight 250pounds
  • The small, smart LCD that tracks your time and movement
  • Easily fold up and move with the wheels
  • Adjust the resistance using the included knob
  • Simple, easy to use design

How to Use

One of the biggest benefits that come from this elliptical as compared to others is that it is so simple. Not only is it one of the most simple designs that you will come across, but you’re able to enjoy the benefits that come from having something you can throw together and then use. There is not a lot of learning involved.

The video and guide that comes with the product have fitness recommendations and program ideas inside it so that you can get the most from the workout that you’re doing on the product. You can enjoy being able to ride the elliptical, lose weight, build muscle and more.

The slim, sleek design that comes along with the elliptical is one that you can enjoy for some time to come because it provides the user with a way to easily fold up and slide into the various spaces that you have available. The Body Rider Elliptical is a favorite for so many, especially those into fitness and simplicity. Simply store it when not in use and roll it out for that quick, effortless workout routine.

2 new from $148.99
as of May 5, 2024 2:38 am
Last updated on May 5, 2024 2:38 am


The assembly of this product is needed, but it shouldn’t take longer than two hours. This is great when you want to use the product right away. Since it comes with a simple design, you can expect there to not be a lot of bells and whistles that have to be put together on the machine. Make sure to read the easy to follow instructions that were provided with the product during assembly.


  • Easy, no fuss assembly
  • Sleek, smooth design
  • Simple setup
  • Easy to use
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Comes with transport wheels
  • Adjust resistance with the knob
  • Comfortable foot pedals
  • Handles for upper body workouts


  • Simpler than some would like
  • Does have to be assembled
  • Small LCD screen
  • No Bluetooth
2 new from $148.99
as of May 5, 2024 2:38 am
Last updated on May 5, 2024 2:38 am

Bottom Line

The Body Rider Elliptical may not be as fancy and large as some of the other models on the market, but it provides the user with a way to enjoy a workout effortlessly. With a lightweight, simple design, it is perfect to use anywhere inside the home.

The affordable price tag that comes along with the product is one that you want to check out. You may never find another elliptical for the same price anywhere else. Enjoy all that comes with the product and having a quality workout for a fraction of the cost.

Slip it away using the fold-up spring and wheels when you’re not using it and have a way to have a home gym set up with less hassle and less fuss than ever before. It is worth the time to check out all that comes with this recommended product.

9 Total Score

For those on a budget, the Body Rider Elliptical is hard to overlook. Although it doesn't have all the features it will provide a great workout.


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