Ancheer Exercise Bike Review

Setting up a home gym can be a daunting prospect. After all, there are lots of decisions you need to make before you begin. Where will you build your home gym, what’s your budget, what type of workouts do you want to do, what equipment will you need?

In reality, most of these decisions are interconnected. The available space, budget, and type of workout you want to do will determine what equipment you should get. For example, if you are short on space, have a small budget, and want to do cardio workouts, exercise bikes are arguably the best option.

Unfortunately, there are lots of different exercise bikes to choose from – thousands probably – and some are better than others for home workouts. Some are meant for commercial gyms and, while loaded with features, are very expensive. Others are too lightweight for anything but very casual use.

Most spinning bikes fall somewhere between these two extremes. Spinning bikes are compact, portable, and well-priced. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercisers can use them, and they’re great for building fitness and burning fat.

In this article, we will review the Ancheer Exercise Bike so you can decide whether it deserves a place in your home gym.

Ancheer Exercise Bike Review

ANCHEER Exercise Bike

as of June 16, 2024 8:50 pm

Key Features

Spinning bikes are quite low-tech. While that might seem like a drawback, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, with fewer bells and whistles, there is less to go wrong on a spinning bike than other workout machines. The main features on the Ancheer Exercise Bike are:

  • 49 lbs. flywheel for smooth pedaling action
  • Enclosed belt drive for quieter workouts
  • Felt friction brake for variable workouts
  • Sweat guard over the drive and braking system for lower maintenance
  • Easy access resistance adjustment knob and emergency brake
  • Adjustable (up/down) triathlon style padded handlebars
  • Padded adjustable (up/down/forward/backward) saddle
  • Drinks bottle cage
  • Beartrap pedals with toe clips and straps
  • Multifunction LCD display with heart rate monitor and tablet/book holder
  • Built-in transport wheels

Dimensions and Specifications

The Ancheer Exercise Bike is a compact, lightweight machine that is ideal for home use. Because of the transport wheels, you can tip and roll this bike into position and then put it away for clutter-free storage.

The dimensions of the Ancheer Exercise Bike are:

  • Height – 45 inches
  • Length – 48 inches
  • Width – 22 inches
  • Weight – 78 lbs.
  • Maximum user weight – 330 lbs.
  • User height range – 28” to 40” inch inseam

Spin Bike Design

ANCHEER Exercise Bike

as of June 16, 2024 8:50 pm

Despite its budget price tag, the Ancheer Exercise Bike is a well-made spin bike built to a very conventional design. The large flywheel and belt drive means that your workout will be smooth and quiet, while the seat is padded and comfortable – which is a real bonus if you anticipate doing some long workouts.

The handlebars and seat height are fully adjustable, so you can customize the Ancheer Exercise Bike for a perfect fit.

Unlike many budget spin bikes, this exercise machine also has a decent performance monitor so you can keep track of your workout statistics. Built on a light but strong steel frame, the Ancheer Exercise Bike is surprisingly stable and doesn’t wobble much during use.

The handy water bottle means hydration is always within easy reach, and changing resistance or stopping your workout is very straightforward too. All in all, the Ancheer Exercise Bike doesn’t have any design innovations, but that’s okay. It’s a budget machine that does precisely what a spinning bike should – deliver a smooth, comfortable workout with minimal noise.

Computer Features

A lot of budget spinning bikes achieve their low price point by skimping on features. In many cases, this means no performance monitor. The Ancheer Exercise Bike bucks this trend with its small but practical display console. The functions on the Ancheer Exercise Bike’s computer are:

  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Elapsed time
  • Calories
  • Pulse

The Ancheer Exercise Bike also features heart rate sensors on the handlebars so you can check the intensity of your workout without having to use a secondary heart rate chest monitor. While contact heart rate sensors are not as accurate as chest straps, they’re usually good enough for most recreational exercisers.

Ease of Use

Ancheer Exercise BikeLike most spinning bikes, the Ancheer Exercise Bike is very easy to use. Adjust the saddle and the handlebars, hop on, strap your feet in, and get to work! The timer starts as soon as you begin pedaling, and you can either leave it to scan through all the available metrics or pause it on a single measurement as required.

Are you working hard enough? To find out, just grab the heart rate sensors and compare your reading to the conveniently located chart just below the LCD console.

If you want to make your workout harder or easier, turn the conveniently located resistance knob in front of you. Need a drink? Grab your water bottle from the holder by your legs. You don’t even need to stop pedaling.

When it’s time to bring your workout to an end, just push down on the resistance knob to engage the brake. Spin bikes don’t have a freewheel, so you can’t just stop pedaling.

Once you are finished, just give your Ancheer Exercise Bike a quick wipe down to remove any accumulated sweat, so it’s clean and ready to use when it’s time for your next workout.


The Ancheer Exercise Bike is a great budget spin bike.

It’s not as well-made as spin bikes made for commercial use, but it’s more than adequate for most home workouts.

It even has a few features you usually don’t find on budget models, such as the LCD console and heart rate monitor.

That said, there are a couple of drawbacks to consider before buying:

  • Parts availability – the Ancheer Exercise Bike is made in China. As such, access to spares is not always easy. If something breaks or just wears out, you may have to wait a while for replacements to arrive.
  • No wireless heart rate receiver – while the handgrip heart rate monitor is a nice feature, it’s not 100% accurate. Unfortunately, the console has not got Bluetooth connectivity, so you can’t upgrade and use a wireless heart rate monitor, and you’ll need to use an HRM watch instead.
  • No preprogrammed workouts – the console monitors your workouts, but you’ll have to make up your own training sessions. That said, with the built-in media shelf, you can put your tablet on display and follow an online workout.
  • Wide seat – while a wide seat may be more comfortable for short workouts, narrower seats are usually best for longer workouts. That’s why racing and touring bikes have such streamlined saddles. The good news is that you can remove the seat and fit another one if you wish.


The Ancheer Exercise Bike is straightforward to put together. Most of the main components are already assembled, and the remaining parts come together with minimal time and effort. Most users report being able to put the Ancheer Exercise Bike together in 30 minutes or less. The instructions are relatively clear, and all necessary tools are supplied.


The Ancheer Exercise Bike is a budget machine, so you can’t expect something like a lifetime warranty. However, you can buy this spin bike with at least a degree of confidence as it comes with a 12-month parts-and-labor warranty.

Bottom Line

Spin bikes like the Ancheer Exercise Bike aren’t very high-tech, and they don’t have many features, but that is part of their appeal. With less to go wrong, you won’t have to worry about missing workouts because your spin bike has broken down.

Also, with very few adjustments to make, you can hop on and get to work in seconds – ideal for those times you need to quick, no-frills workout.

However, and despite its low price tag, the Ancheer Exercise Bike still has a few competition-beating features, including a useful if basic LCD display screen and built-in heart rate monitor. If you are looking for a light, compact, no-frills spinning bike that delivers a smooth, quiet workout without breaking the bank, the Ancheer Exercise Bike could be a good choice.

ANCHEER Exercise Bike

as of June 16, 2024 8:50 pm

Patrick Dale is an ex-British Royal Marine and owner and lecturer for a fitness qualifications company. In addition to training prospective personal trainers, Patrick has also authored three fitness and exercise books, dozens of e-books, thousands of articles, and several fitness videos.

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